Wings of Angel:Wings from Heaven, Crafted on Earth

$42.90  - $59.90
Size : XS

We're like a pair of odd socks. And I'm the stretched-out, misshapen one.  #Silk #Wings #Binding

Promotional Copy:

🔶 A Fusion of Heaven and Earth - The Wings of Angel Hand-Painted Wearable Armor perfectly melds the purity of angels with human creativity, allowing you to soar between reality and fantasy.

🔷 Charm of Hand-Painting, Power of Details - With hand-painting techniques, every detail pulsates with life, echoing the authenticity of angelic wings, ready for you to spread and fly.

💎 Beyond Protection, It's Art - Far surpassing the mere purpose of armor, it stands as a work of art, paying homage to both the heavens and the earth.

👑 Crafted for Those Seeking Inspiration - Wings of Angel Hand-Painted Wearable Armor is born for those artists and warriors who chase inspiration and dare to dream.


  1. The Magic of Hand-Painting - The Wings of Angel Hand-Painted Wearable Armor employs exquisite hand-painting techniques, where every stroke and shade is infused with emotion and vitality, resonating genuine sentiment.

  2. Premium Materials and Artisan Craftsmanship - Made with the finest materials combined with the unmatched skills of hand-painting artists, ensuring each piece is truly unique.

  3. Design Philosophy - We believe that genuine art originates from nature and human emotions. This armor isn't just protective gear but an extension of the soul, symbolizing reverence for both the skies and the earth.

  4. Wear and Maintenance - Balancing art with utility, we've designed a comfortable wearing experience and provide expert care recommendations to ensure it remains as pristine as when first seen.

Choosing the Wings of Angel Hand-Painted Wearable Armor signifies embracing a belief, a pursuit, and reverence for beauty.