The Banquet:Obsidian Elegance - Banquet Night Wearable Nails

Size : XS

Time is a versatile performer. It flies, marches on, heals all wounds, runs out and will tell.

Product Name: Obsidian Elegance - Banquet Night Wearable Nails

Promotional Slogan:

"Indulge in the depth of the night; every shimmer is a verse from the stars. Obsidian Elegance - Banquet Night, let your fingertips dance to a magnificent melody."

Product Description:

Introduction: Black represents mystery, elegance, and power. Introducing the "Obsidian Elegance - Banquet Night" wearable nails, ensuring you become the center of attention at every banquet and significant moment.


  1. Deep Black Shade: Featuring a pure black hue, expressing a kind of understated luxury and prestige, akin to the most radiant stars in the night sky.

  2. Stardust Element Design: The nail surface integrates delicate silver glitters, resembling scattered stars, adding mystery and dynamism to the black base.

  3. High Durability: Treated with professional techniques to ensure long-lasting color and shine, resistant to wear and fading.

  4. Comfort and Eco-friendliness: The materials are chosen based on environmental considerations, harmless, odorless, and ensure a comfortable wear.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Ensure your nail surface is clean and dry.
  2. Select the wearable nail size that best fits you, and apply from the base of the nail to the tip.
  3. For added durability, apply a layer of clear nail polish.
  4. Effortlessly showcase your Obsidian Elegance - Banquet Night nails, leading the fashion trend at any party.

Recommended Occasions:

  • Luxury banquets
  • Business cocktail parties
  • Black-themed parties
  • Movie premieres

Obsidian Elegance - Banquet Night Wearable Nails infuse your fingertips with mystery and elegance, ensuring you reign as the queen of any banquet, anytime, anywhere.