Temperament HelloKitty Spice Manicure

Size : xs

🌸 Sweet and independent, double charm on the fingertips 🌸

1️⃣ HelloKitty sweet: The classic HelloKitty pattern brings you back to innocence, releasing the sweetness and innocence.

2️⃣ Spice Girl style: Bold and independent, this manicure is the perfect blend of HelloKitty cuteness and urban Spice personality.

3️⃣ temperament upgrade: Choose this manicure, you will show a different temperament, sweet and sexy perfect combination.

4️⃣ Originality: Every touch, every design, is designed to make you stand out from the crowd.

5️⃣ Double charm: Whether it's your day job or the dance floor at a party, this manicure will be your secret weapon to turn heads.

💖 HelloKitty brings you sweet memories, and the style of the spice girl makes you stand out from the crowd.