Star Kirby Cute Mini Diamond Manicure

Size : xs

Dreamy sky, Kirby's adventures at your fingertips! 💅 ✨ 🌌

🌌 Star Kirby, hand in hand with romantic stars, for you to open a dream adventure under the night sky.

🌟 Mini diamond, like a bright star, lights up every moment for you in the dark night.

🎀 The lovely Kabi elements combine sweetness and magic to show the innocence and yearning in the hearts of young girls.

💍 Exquisite details, every diamond is the love and pursuit of a better life.

✨ Whether it's a daily trip or a special occasion, you can add a little indispensable fantasy element.

Star Kabi Cute Mini Diamond nail is not only a fashion choice, but also a romantic engagement with the stars, so that your nail is like the stars in your dreams, bright and dazzling. 🌌 💅 🌟