Seal Heart Lock Love Temperament Ice Naked powder chain Heart drill nail art

Size : xs

🌹 When ice clear jade to meet love as deep as the sea, the love legend on the fingertips 🌹

1️⃣ Ice Transparent Nude powder: Select pure and clean nude pink, will enhance the temperament of fingertips to the extreme.

2️⃣ Chain and love: The delicate chain is interwoven with the love diamond, symbolizing an unbreakable emotional link and deep love.

3️⃣ Style and luxury: This manicure not only highlights style, but also reveals understated luxury in the details.

4️⃣ Craftsmanship: Every diamond, every inch of the chain is purely handmade, only to capture the most sincere feelings.

5️⃣ sealed feelings: as sealed in the fingertips of the deep feeling, quietly telling that a constant love.

💖 In your busy daily life, let Seal Love nail art record those beautiful moments for you and protect that unique emotion.