Sagittarius cool pile diamond temperament long pure hand manicure

Size : xs

✨ Son of the stars, a free soul, cosmic travel at my fingertips ✨

1️⃣ Sagittarius Inspiration: Inspired by the free, optimistic and independent spirit of Sagittarius, bring the charm of the zodiac to your fingertips.

2️⃣ cold pile drill: Select cold diamonds, stacked on the fingertips, like stars bright, shining but not publicity.

3️⃣ temperament long style: elegant long design, so that your fingers appear more slender, noble without losing temperament.

4️⃣ pure handmade: Every inch of smear, is the craftsman's mind, to ensure that every time to bring you the perfect experience.

5️⃣ Star Travel: In the busy daily, cast a small universe for your fingertips, take you on a journey to the stars.

🌠 Cast a star for your fingertip, the Sagittarius cold pile drill nails, bring you the charm and freedom of the universe.