Pearl blood Camellia Graffiti butterfly three-dimensional temperament nail art

Size : xs

✨ The art on the fingertips, telling each unique charm ✨

1️⃣ Pearl blood color: Choose deep blood color, into the pearl-like luster, so that the fingertips are as bright as gems.

2️⃣ Camellia Charm: The blooming camellia symbolizes eternal beauty, bringing the perfect combination of retro and fashion.

3️⃣ Graffiti butterfly: three-dimensional butterfly graffiti design, like a living art, inject unique soul into your nail art.

4️⃣ temperament sublimation: This manicure not only reflects a unique personality, but also demonstrates temperament and taste in every detail.

5️⃣ Three-dimensional design: Every graffiti seems to cast a three-dimensional world for the fingertips, vivid and full of tension.

🌸 In your busy daily life, cast an art for your fingertips, let the pearl blood camellia nail art take you to feel a different charm.