Original red agate gemstone smudged Sweet cool pure hand manicure

Size : xs

- Inspired by the unique luster of red agate, the smudge technique perfectly combines sweetness and cool to create extraordinary charm for hands.

🔥 Agate fire: The deep red light emitted by red agate is as hot as fire, showing the independence and strength of women.

🍭 Sweet and cool blend, unique style: smudged sweet color and agate cool texture collision, creating a sweet but not greasy, cool but not cold unique style.

🎨 Craftsmanship: Every inch of halo is the meticulous work of pure craftsmen, like a work of art tailored for both hands, which attracts attention every time it is displayed.

🌹 Rose like romance and tenacity: The color of red agate gemstone, with the romance and tenacity of roses, like the double characteristics of modern women.

🍷 as mellow as wine color: the technique of blending makes red more profound and mellow, just like a glass of old wine, the more taste the more flavor.