Original Blood Mary Red Brown smudged white temperament pure hand-made custom

Size : xs

- An immersive red-brown tone, as delicate and smooth as rose petals, to unlock new heights of temperament.

🌹 Mary's Blood Charm: pure hand-made red and brown color, giving the skin like the first ray of dawn, as if through the classical time, encounter with Queen Mary of the French court.

⚜️ whitening upgrade: The special tone of reddish-brown zer, whether it is fair or healthy wheat skin, can easily whiten, improve the skin's permeability.

🌾 pure handmade refinement: each one is the crystallization of the painstaking efforts of the craftsmen, to ensure the delicacy and quality of the products, so that each time you smear is perfect like a work of art.

💃 The goddess of temperament, thus born: not only a halo product, but also a fashion label, a magic tool for temperament upgrade. Make you stand out from the crowd and become the real focus.