Mysterious Milky Way Black Fine Shimmery pure handmade manicure

Size : xs

- In the transparent black, hidden fine dust, like a mysterious galaxy, to add the beauty of the universe to your hands.

🌌 Galactic dreams: Tiny flashes of light, like planetesimals in distant galaxies, capture endless cosmic beauty at every fingertip.

🖤 Deep through black: Deep through black as the bottom, so that the brilliance of the star more prominent, like the brightest star in the night sky.

✨ Fine dust, dazzling: each particle is carefully selected by pure craftsmen, ensuring that your hands are like a dreamy galaxy, always shining.

🎨 Masterful craftsmanship: From the selection of materials to the blending technique, every step is filled with the passion and ingenuity of an artist dedicated to creating the perfect nail art.

🌙 The night of the psalms, fingertips sing: through the combination of black and small flashes, like a song under the night sky, about the mystery and beauty.

Step into the universe of dreams, let the mysterious Milky Way dark nail take you to appreciate the charm of the stars. In this endless night, let your hands be the brightest stars.