Lovely energy gradient powder pure hand painted flower gentle pure hand manicure

Size : xs

【 Gentle flowers, fingertips of romantic moment 】🌸✨

When the vibrant gradation powder meets the delicate hand-painted florets, the fingertips will bloom gently, bringing you that pure and sweet time.

🌷 Lovely vitality - gradient powder color, as bright as the morning sun, filled with youthful atmosphere.

🎨 Pure hand-painted flower - Each flower is ingenious, hand-painted temperature and sincere gentle collision.

🌼 Gentle pure handmade - do not take the route of mass production, each design is born for you, each smear is the emotion of the craftsman.

In this dynamic and gentle interweaving, your every fingertip is picturesque, every display is full of the romantic feelings of a young girl's heart.

Let the gradient of color awaken your vitality and let the hand-painted flowers gently embrace your heart. 🌸 ✨