Little fragrance color Manicure

Size : xs

✨ A blend of classic and fashion, bringing you the cutting edge of Paris Fashion Week.

🖤 Xiao Xiang's classic color palette shows a unique charm of both retro and contemporary, just like the streets of Paris, full of art and life.

💅 Exquisite workmanship, every application is like a tailor-made for you, to ensure that every detail is perfect.

🎨 The harmonious match between colors, like a painter's palette, exudes advanced and elegant.

🌹 is not only a nail art, but also an attitude towards life, representing the pursuit of quality and fashion.

💎 Whether it is daily work, or noble dinner, it can perfectly match your every outfit, become your best fashion companion.

🍾 A little fragrance, originating in Paris, but not limited to Paris. It is the perfect choice for urban women, representing independence, confidence and elegance.

💌 Choose your own high-end manicure with a small fragrance and color, not only to add color to your fingertips, but also to your life. In this busy city, let your hands become the most bright scenery.