Ice through streamer camellia pure desire bride manicure

$2.99  - $3.99
Size : xs

Ice streamer camellia pure desire bride manicure: pure beauty, such as first appearance of mountain tea! 💅 🌸 ✨

🌸 In the most gentle moments of life, let the fingertips bloom like a mountain tea of innocence.

❄️ Ice through the background color, as fresh as first love, light as streamers, for your hands to bring a slender outline.

🌺 The soft beauty of camellia flower, like your shyness and expectation at that moment, is pure but warm.

💍 Combining the pure desire of camellia flowers with icy streamers, this manicure brings you the most pure romance.

👰 As you brush your veil and exchange vows with him, this manicure bears witness to the sweetness and commitment of each moment.

Ice Camellia streamers pure desire bridal manicure, not just decoration, it is your day of emotions, dreams and tenderness incarnate. 💍 🌸 ❄ ️