Ice Queen Nude Base & Pearl Temperament Wearable Nails

Size : XS

Every single MissVega product is handmade by each individual designer, committing themselves with extreme dedication and passion. Presenting a high-quality design with astonishing beauty within.

Product Name: Ice Queen Nude Base & Pearl Temperament Wearable Nails

Promotional Slogan:

"Ice Queen — The aura of a queen, the allure of pearls. A harmonious blend of nude base and pearls creates a touch of understated luxury on your fingertips, with every gesture exuding regal charisma."

Product Description:

Introduction: Inspired by the elegance of winter's ice queen and the timeless beauty of pearls, Ice Queen introduces this wearable nail design with a nude base and pearl temperament. Combining the simplicity of nude with the prestige of pearls, it offers a delicate yet noble charm.


  1. Nude Base: The elegant nude serves as the foundation, epitomizing the perfect balance between nobility and subtlety.

  2. Pearl Embellishments: The inlaid pearl elements give each nail a unique luster and luxury.

  3. High-Quality Materials: Crafted using premium materials to ensure lasting color and a comfortable wearing experience.

  4. Perfect Fit: After extensive design trials, it's ensured to fit various nail shapes, guaranteeing the nails' adherence and longevity.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Ensure the nail surface is clean and free of oils.
  2. Choose the wearable nail size that best fits you and gently apply from the nail base to the tip.
  3. For added durability, apply a coat of clear nail polish.
  4. Effortlessly showcase your Ice Queen Nude & Pearl temperament nails, becoming the spotlight of any occasion.

Recommended Occasions:

  • Red carpet events
  • Fashionable dinners
  • Film premieres
  • Royal balls

Ice Queen Nude Base & Pearl Temperament Wearable Nails are designed for every woman who seeks simplicity combined with nobility, perfectly capturing the fashionable beauty of nude and pearls.