Hand-painted rose dazzle white manicure Haute manicure

Size : xs

✨ The romance of rose, the purity of white, the art of hand-painted, the three interwoven, just to create the perfect on the fingertips.

🌹 Unique hand-painted rose design, every stroke, every stroke, full of ingenuity, let your hands as if in a sea of flowers.

💅 Dazzling white base, like the rose in the snow, more temperament and innocence. Among the many manicures, you will be the most eye-catching existence.

🎨 Real and delicate hand-painting skills, every detail is full of advanced sense. Make nail art not just decorative, but art.

💍 delicate but not publicity, advanced but gentle, suitable for every occasion, whether it is daily life or important activities, will become the focus.

✒ Rose stands for love, white stands for purity and hand-painted stands for uniqueness. This is not only a manicure, but also a unique tribute to oneself.

🌟 Hand-painted rose dazzle white manicure, so that every exhibition, become a different show.

🎀 When fashion meets art, when roses meet pure white, your hands will become the most beautiful paintings.

💌 You deserve it because you deserve to be as beautiful as a rose, as pure as snow, and as unique as art.