Gradient blue Ocean Pile diamond gentle manicure

Size : xs

Blue dream, diamond-like star flow at the fingertips 】🌊💎

Immersed in the gradual blue ocean, each fingertip seems to have a small universe. Slightly fluctuating blues collide with carefully set diamonds to create this unique gentle manicure.

🌊 Gradient blue - like the sea, like the sky, like the emerald abyss, each gradient tells a story of the deep sea.

💎 Ocean pile diamonds - stars like bright, like the pearl in the sea, add endless brilliance to your fingertips.

🦋 Gentle temperament - not publicity, not deliberately, only for the noble and pure in nature.

When the romantic blue meets the radiant diamond, your every action is like the goddess of the sea, like the stars in the sky, shining, gentle and beautiful.

In this blue ocean, let the diamonds sing for you, dance for you, and make every moment eternal. 🌊 💎