Goblin Classical Silver Base Halloween Wearable Nails

Size : XS

Every single MissVega product is handmade by each individual designer, committing themselves with extreme dedication and passion. Presenting a high-quality design with astonishing beauty within.

Product Name: Goblin Classical Silver Base Halloween Wearable Nails

Promotional Slogan:

"Moonlit Spirit — On Halloween night, the Goblin manicure brings a touch of mystery and fantasy to your fingertips with its classical silver allure. As the age-old silver moon meets the festivities, each fingertip seems to tell a magical tale."

Product Description:

Introduction: Combining the ageless allure of silver with the mysterious aura of Halloween, we present to you the Goblin classical silver base Halloween wearable nails. It perfectly melds the mystique of Halloween with the timeless charm of classical silver.


  1. Classical Silver Base: A profound silver base, symbolic of the moon's cold luminescence, complements the Halloween theme brilliantly.

  2. Mysterious Patterns: Fine details of Halloween elements on the nails, such as bats, wands, and stars, add a touch of magical ambiance.

  3. High-Quality Materials: Made from premium materials, ensuring the nails retain their color, resist chipping, and provide a comfortable wear experience.

  4. Perfect Fit: Professionally designed to accommodate a variety of nail shapes, ensuring a stylish and comfortable wear.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Clean the nail surface, ensuring no residues or oils.
  2. Select the wearable nail size that best fits you and gently apply from the nail base to the tip.
  3. For optimal longevity and sheen, apply a coat of clear nail polish.
  4. Effortlessly flaunt your Goblin classical silver Halloween nails, adding a touch of mystery to this special night.

Recommended Occasions:

  • Halloween parties
  • Halloween-themed events
  • Haunted house adventures
  • Halloween costume parties

Goblin Classical Silver Base Halloween Wearable Nails are designed for those who seek mystery and a classical style, capturing both the enigma of Halloween and the elegance of classical silver.