Dark green Chinese wind with white temperament pure handmade manicure

Size : xs

- Delicate dark green, blending with traditional Chinese flavor, brings refreshing elegance to your hands.

🍃 Dark green rhyme: refined from the ancient Oriental ink, elegant and restrained, just like the green pines and bamboo in landscape painting, low-key but without losing personality.

🐉 The unique charm of Chinese style: the combination of ancient techniques and modern nail art makes every inch of fingertips picturesque and exudes Oriental charm.

🎨 Handmade ingenuity: pure handmade, each touch is like the master's brush, delicate and warm, reflecting the unique feelings of the craftsman.

❄️ white and then upgrade: dark green color, easily and a variety of skin tones perfect integration, make the hand skin more white, shining.

🌿 fresh temperament, as you wish: this is not only a manicure, but also an Oriental temperament, a fresh and refined attitude to life.