Dark Gothic style heavy metal haute Manicure

Size : xs

- Exquisite Gothic art combined with calm heavy metal elements, presenting a mysterious and advanced dark world for the hands.

🦇 Gothic love: On the deep dark background, Gothic patterns are like medieval castles, mysterious, elegant and full of stories.

🔗 The power of heavy metal: Metal elements blend perfectly with Gothic to create a tough and cool charm that echoes like the sound of rock on your fingertips.

🌌 Nobility of the Night: Combining dark and gothic styles, this manicure is like nobility of the night, underplaying and emitting an irresistible appeal.

🎨 The ultimate in pure craftsmanship: every line, every metal accessory, is hand-carved by a nail artist, creating a unique work of art for your hands.

⚜️ Classic and modern: This is not just a manicure, but a perfect fusion of an era, a style and a belief.

Combining the romance of dark Gothic with the madness of heavy metal, this nail art collection is designed for those who dare to express themselves and seek to be unique. In every detail, you can feel that special high-level sense.