Cream chocolate pearl bow sweet manicure

Size : xs

As sweet as chocolate, as gorgeous as a bow 🍫🎀

Deeply immersed in the rich cream chocolate, let the fingertips dance like pearls on a bow, we bring you not only a manicure, but the perfect combination of sweet and gorgeous!

🍫 Cream chocolate - Rich taste, leaving the fingertips as smooth as chocolate.

🎀 Pearl bow - Sparkling, like precious pearls embellishment, add a touch of nobility.

🌟 Sweet Nail art - as the name implies, it's full of sweet sensations.

💅 Hand-crafted - Every detail is a work of art tailor-made for you.

In this collision of sweetness and beauty, every tip of your finger becomes the focus, and every display seems to tell a sweet story.

Indulge in the cream and chocolate, let the pearl bow dance on the fingertips. 🍫 🎀