Cool moonlight sense rich family daughter show white high-grade pure hand manicure

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The cold moon falls, the beauty of the daughter in the fingertip circulation 🌙💅

Like the cool moonlight in the night sky, the nail art we bring to you creates the noble temperament of a rich daughter. A touch of mystery in the light, making you the center of attention in every occasion.

🌙 Cool moonlight feeling - the tranquility and elegance of the moonlight into the fingertips, so that every color is as pure as the moonlight.

💍 The wind of the rich daughter - high-grade not publicity, the details show the real aristocratic temperament.

✨ Whitening effect - Selected tones for Oriental skin tone, easily brightening and making hands fairer and smoother.

🎨 Pure hand manicure - Hand meticulous, ensure that every painting, every polish is perfect.

In this combination of cool and advanced, you will show a distinctive aristocratic atmosphere. In the cold moonlight, the daughter of you more bright and pure.

Like a daughter in the moonlight, flick your fingertips and the world falls for you. 🌙 💅