Color Clash Graffiti Personalized Handmade Customized Nail Art

Size : XS

Unique wearable manicure!
Artistic choice: not every nail art, can be called a work of art. What we present to you is a unique exhibition on your fingertips.
Hand-carved: Each piece of nail is finely polished by hand, showing your distinctive taste.
Unrivaled style: both classical elegance and modern trend, designed only for the most tasteful you.
Long-lasting charm: using top quality materials to ensure that your manicure lasts as long as new, whether it's a party or a daily routine, you'll always be the center of attention.
How to use Wearable Nail Art
Clean your nails: Clean your nails with a mild nail wash and make sure the surface of your nails is free of grease.
Choose the right size: Select the wearable nail art piece from the package that best suits your nail size.
Paste: Use the nail art special glue to spread evenly on the nail surface, then paste the wearable nail art piece accurately on the nail and press gently for a few seconds to make sure it is fixed.
Trimming: If necessary, use nail clippers or a sharpening tool to trim the wearable manicure to fit the shape of your nails.
APPLY PROTECTIVE COAT: Apply a clear coat of nail fixing polish to increase the longevity and shine of your manicure.
REMOVE: When you want to change or remove your manicure, remove it easily with a gentle nail wash that won't harm your real nails.
Now, let your fingertips show the real art!