Christmas diagonal cat eye temperament Christmas tree bells cute nail

Size : xs

✨ The slanted cat's eyes twinkle like the stars on a winter night reflecting each other with the lights of Christmas.

🎄 Exquisite Christmas tree and small bell design, bring the atmosphere of Christmas perfectly to your fingertips, add a unique warmth to this holiday.

🔔 The warm little bell, every time it shakes, is like the bell on Christmas Eve, indicating that good wishes are to come.

💅 The unique oblique cat eye technique adds a mysterious charm to your nail art and makes you the center of attention this winter.

🎅 The small and lovely Christmas elements not only represent the joy of the holidays, but also the hope for a better future.

❄️ On cold winter days, let this diagonal cat eye nail for Christmas bring you warmth and enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve with friends and family.

🎁 This is not just a manicure, it's a special Christmas present for your very special person.

💌 Turn your hands into the brightest stars of the winter season with this Christmas slant cat eye manicure.