Christmas Carol White Base Wearable Nails

Size : XS

Every single MissVega product is handmade by each individual designer, committing themselves with extreme dedication and passion. Presenting a high-quality design with astonishing beauty within.

Product Name: Christmas Carol White Base Wearable Nails

Promotional Slogan:

"Winter's Anthem — Crafted in pure white, your fingertips resonate with a Christmas Carol. As the snowy white meets festive tunes, every note transforms into the beauty of winter on your fingertips."

Product Description:

Introduction: Inspired by Christmas carols and the white snow of winter, we introduce the Christmas Carol white base wearable nails to you. Merging the joy of Christmas with the purity of winter, it turns your fingertips into a melodious winter anthem.


  1. Pure White Base: Opting for a pristine white as the base, symbolizing winter's purity and sanctity.

  2. Festive Elements: Delicate snowflakes and bell adornments capture the joy and anticipation of Christmas.

  3. High-Quality Materials: Crafted with premium materials, ensuring long-lasting color and a comfortable wearing experience.

  4. Perfect Fit: Thoughtfully designed to cater to various nail shapes, ensuring durability and perfect adherence.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Ensure the nail surface is clean and devoid of oils.
  2. Choose the appropriate wearable nail size and gently apply from the base to the tip of the nail.
  3. For enhanced results, a coat of clear nail polish can be applied.
  4. Effortlessly showcase your Christmas Carol white manicure, adding a shimmering highlight to the winter season.

Recommended Occasions:

  • Christmas dinner parties
  • Winter concerts
  • Festive gatherings
  • Moments of family reunions

Christmas Carol White Base Wearable Nails are designed for women seeking winter's purity and the festive ambiance, perfectly fusing winter's scenic beauty with the melody of Christmas.