Blue Campanula:Deep Sea Starlight - Blue Glitter Wearable Nails

Size : XS

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Product Name: Deep Sea Starlight - Blue Glitter Wearable Nails

Promotional Slogan:

"Immersed in the dream of the deep sea, every shimmer is a soft serenade of the stars. Deep Sea Starlight, crafting a blue poem for your fingertips."

Product Description:

Introduction: Blue, reminiscent of the profound depths of the ocean, exudes mystery and romance. Infused with glittering speckles, it's as if stars have fallen upon the sea's surface, making your fingertips the center of attention.


  1. Profound Blue Hue: This specially selected shade of blue resembles the gems of the deep sea, accentuating the fairness of the skin and delivering unparalleled elegance.

  2. Dazzling Glitter Design: Handpicked glitters of varying sizes are sprinkled across the nails, evoking the luminous clusters of stars in the night sky, adding depth and dynamism to the design.

  3. Long-lasting and Non-fading: A special topcoat ensures the glitter remains radiant and intact for an extended period, preserving the vibrant color.

  4. Eco-friendly and Harmless: Made exclusively with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, offering users a blend of health and beauty.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Ensure your nail surface is clean and free from oil.
  2. Choose the appropriate size of wearable nails, and gently apply from the base to the tip.
  3. If desired, apply a layer of clear nail polish for enhanced adhesion.
  4. Effortlessly flaunt your Deep Sea Starlight nails and enjoy the admiring glances.

Recommended Occasions:

  • Fashion parties
  • Romantic dates
  • Business cocktails
  • Any moment where you wish to shine

Deep Sea Starlight - Blue Glitter Wearable Nails add a touch of starlight to your every move, ensuring you're the highlight of any event.