Blood Rose Advanced Opal diamond drawing pure hand manicure

Size : xs

✨ Brilliant as a rose, sharp as a diamond! ✨

1️⃣ Unique rose charm: red like bloodthirsty rose, hook endless charm, every show is eye-catching.

2️⃣ The brilliant glow of Opal diamonds: Selected high-quality Opal diamonds, like dew in the morning, crystal clear, shine on your fingertips.

3️⃣ Pure craftsmanship: Every application is carefully polished by hand to ensure that every inch of the nail is perfect.

4️⃣ durable and anti-wear: advanced production technology, not only beautiful and durable, but also effective against daily wear.

5️⃣ delicate drawing process: the perfect combination of fashion and classical, showing a unique personality and style.

💃 Decorate your fingertips not only for beauty, but to express your own unique style and attitude. Bloodthirsty rose nail art, so that every show become the focus, eye-catching.