Black Heavy Dark Spice super cool Manicure

Size : xs

- Deep black combined with heavy industry design, breaking tradition, releasing the dark charm and freedom of Spice girls.

🖤 The rule of black: pure black background color, highlight the king's gas, every gesture is like the dark queen of submission.

🔩 Heavy Industry design, extremely cool: three-dimensional decoration and exquisite metal parts, for the hands to build a future city, the perfect combination of cool and fashion.

🎸 Spice Girl Rebel: This is not only a manicure, but also a statement of the Spice girls to the world, not bound, dare to challenge, forever free.

🎨 The ultimate craftsmanship of pure hand: every detail is the painstaking work of craftsmen, from design to production, the pursuit of extraordinary perfection and uniqueness.

⚡ Audacious charm, extraordinary: when ordinary nail art can not satisfy you, choose this dark style, so that you can not be ignored in the crowd.

When darkness becomes art, when heavy work meets nail art, this is cool nail art for real hotties. Dare to challenge, start at your fingertips!