Berry rabbit pure handmade sweet pet rabbit cute rabbit show white camellia flower rabbit manual nail art

Size : xs

【 Rabbit leap berry forest, sweet pet fingertip 】🐰🌸

In the berry forest, there is a silly rabbit jumping, its every footprint will bring you endless sweetness and warmth.

🐰 Berry Rabbit - small and exquisite, filled with fruity sweetness.

🌼 Pure handmade love - exquisite details, every gesture reveals ingenuity.

🎀 Sweet Pet Rabbit - Sweet pet, bring unparalleled care to your fingertips.

✨ White camellias - like snowflakes falling on berries, brightening and refreshing the skin.

🌸 Colorful rabbit nail art - Between the petals, hiding the playful and clever rabbit.

When camellia and berry rabbit meet at your fingertips, every movement is a sweet melody, and every fingering is full of vitality and vitality.

Dance fingertips, rabbit dances with you. Sweet berries and camellia clear, create your own dream. 🐰 🌸