Ballet shoes pure magic mirror powder manicure

Size : xs

💫 Move your fingertips and tell the magic of grace 💫

1️⃣ The Spirit of Ballet: Inspired by the softness and elegance of ballet shoes, give your fingertips the charm of a dancer.

2️⃣ Pure Magic Mirror powder: Selected magic mirror powder, bring a dreamlike luster to the fingertips, shining like magic.

3️⃣ Dancer's rhyme: Soft colors and subtle luster, just like the dancer on the stage flow and elegance.

4️⃣ Perfect combination: The combination of ballet elegance and magic mirror powder will bring you a different nail art experience.

5️⃣ Tell the story: Each smear is a little dance, telling your dreams and magic.

💃 In the bustling city, let ballet shoes Pure Magic Mirror powder nail art bring you a touch of fresh and elegant, add a magic to your every day.