Aurora pink love sweet cool temperament pure desire long gentle manicure

Size : xs

💖 between tenderness and independence, the romantic stars on the fingertips 💖

1️⃣ Aurora magic: Like the northern aurora, the gradual pink infuses the mystery and romance of the universe into the fingertips.

2️⃣ Sweet Love Heart: The perfect fusion of love elements and sweet cool style, show your dual charm: both tender and confident.

3️⃣ pure desire for long style: Fashion long style design, more highlight your temperament and elegance, gentle without losing charm.

4️⃣ Carefully crafted: Every time of painting, every detail, in order to capture the most pure desire and emotion.

5️⃣ Blend of sweet and cool: This manicure, like your personality, has both sweet gentleness and cool confidence.

🌙 Let the fingertips become your little universe, aurora powder love nail art, dancing with you, capture every tender moment.