Ancient style new Chinese bamboo snake safe buckle medium long ink pure hand manicure

Size : xs

🌟 poetic Chinese, elegant fingertips 🌟

1️⃣ Ancient ink and wash: The flowing ink is like the wind between mountains and rivers, as if you are in a painting, enjoying the beauty of ancient style.

2️⃣ Bamboo and small snake: bamboo represents toughness, snake means smart, dual elements interwoven, integrated in the fingertips, telling perseverance and lively.

3️⃣ Safety button meaning: The traditional safety button, which means auspiciousness and peace, brings you good luck and peace every day.

4️⃣ pure manual refinement: Every time the application, are poured into the craftsmen's effort to ensure that every inch of nail art is as exquisite as art.

5️⃣ medium and long design: Elegant medium and long style, showing both slender fingers and ancient style.

💅 In the busy urban life, let the ancient style and new Chinese manicure bring you a peace and poetry, as if each fingertip hides a little story.