Amber wine red flash gradient pure handmade manicure

Size : xs

- From deep amber to rich wine red, bright like the sea of stars, adding endless charm to the hands.

🍷 wine red passion: drunk in this strong as old wine color, every detail exude the charm and confidence of mature women.

🌟 Flash Starlight: The unique flash design, like twinkling stars in the night sky, makes your hands shine enchanting at every Angle.

🎨 the beauty of handicraft: Every gradual change and every flash are created by craftsmen purely by hand to ensure the uniqueness and extraordinary of nail art.

🔮 The charm of fingertips: this is not only a nail art experience, but also a visual feast, an enchanting art journey.

💅 For your own beauty, add a touch of starlight: choose amber wine sparkling gradient, let your hands shine like jewelry, become your fashion label.