Amber mica eggshell gold manicure light luxury manicure

Size : xs

Amber mica eggshell gold nail: Light luxury fashion, the royal family's royal pet on the fingertips! 💅 ✨ 🍂

🍂 The warmth of amber, like a trickle in the years, calm and mellow.

🌫 The luster of mica, emitting natural light, like the sunlight refracted by the morning dew.

⚪️ eggshell white keynote, clean and elegant, put on a noble coat for the hands.

💛 Gold tracing skills, delicate and gorgeous, so that every inch of the fingertip exudes the royal family of noble light.

👑 The charm of light luxury, the perfect combination of retro and modern, is a symbol of low-key luxury for urban women.

Amber mica eggshell gold nail, is not only a fashion, but also a kind of attitude to life, reflecting the light luxury and elegant fashion without publicity. 🍂 💅 💛